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Anti-snoring Adjustment Mouthpiece & Nose Clip

Product image 1Anti-snoring Adjustment Mouthpiece & Nose Clip
Product image 2Anti-snoring Adjustment Mouthpiece & Nose Clip
Product image 3Anti-snoring Adjustment Mouthpiece & Nose Clip
Product image 4Anti-snoring Adjustment Mouthpiece & Nose Clip
Product image 5Anti-snoring Adjustment Mouthpiece & Nose Clip

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New Anti-Snoring Devices- 2020 new anti-snoring devices , 2 Choices anti-snore set, 1 magnetic nose clip with 1 adjustable mouthpiece. Adhesive-free design does not irritate skin or cause a rash as with nasal strips. It does not bother the nose hairs. It is a drug-free relief suitable for long-term use. Adjustable, personalized jaw advancement for your snoring severity. Mouth Guard prevents the soft throat tissues from collapsing and obstructing   the airway. Using an anti-snoring mouth guard can result in a significant decrease in snoring as well as a decrease in snoring intensity.


Neomen adjustment anti snore mouthpiece & nose clip set:

  • 1x Magnetic Nose Clip
  • 1 x Small Nose Clip Protective case
  • 1x Adjustable Mouth Guard
  • 1x Plastic Handle
  • 1x Big Antibacterial Case

How to use

Adjustable  mouthpiece:

1.Bring a cup of water to a boil in the microwave or a pot, then let the water cool until it’s somewhere between 185F - 194F. Place the device in the water for 25-30 seconds.

2.Place the device into the cold water for 1-2 seconds and this step will prevent your mouth being burned.

3.Place the device in your mouth with the UPPER portion of the device on your upper teeth and bite down at least 20 seconds.

Nose Clip:

  1. Insert the convex ball at both ends of the nose clip into the nasal cavity.
  1. Hold the bottom of the nose clip against the nasal septum.


Please check the size before you purchase, the size of the Neomen adjustable mouth guard is bigger than the averages. This is not suitable for people with small mouths!!

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