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Stop Snoring All in One Kit Set, Anti Snoring Device

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Neomen® Stop Snoring Kit - Discover the best device for you to anti snoring

Snoring commonly happens in 3 areas:

  • Back of the throat
  • Mouth
  • Nose

Neomen® Stop Snoring Kit provides three demonstrated and successful device to focus on each snoring area. 

Neomen Stop Snoring Tongue Retainer is a device that opens up the impediment that causes throat snoring
Neomen Stop Snoring Nose Vents is a device to boost air stream in nasal paths, focusing on snoring from the nose.
Neomen Stop Snoring Chin Strap is a device which delicately underpins bring down jaw while preventing snoring beginning from the mouth.

Neomen® Stop Snoring Kit is an inventive and straightforward approach to enable you and your accomplice to recognize where your snoring happens and which products work best for you since we know from a large number of researchers that one item cannot work for everyone.


Not every person snoring from a similar area or reason. Attempt each Neomen® item independently to see which one works best for you.


Each item in the package is intended to target particular snoring area. Tongue Retainer is for throat snoring, Chin Strap is for mouth snoring and Nose Vents is for nose snoring.

To optimize result, you may utilize a mix of items. And for best outcomes, we suggest using of each item for 10 to 15 successive nights continuously.

At the same time, we offer a FREE BOUNS, two free products: Neomen® Stop Snoring Kit incorporate 100% Natural Silk Mask ($34.99 Value) and reusable Soft Foam Earplug. ($19.99 Value). Since we accept to accomplish our mission of providing a high quality of sleeping, you have to rest in dark and quiet environment. We want you to have these fundamentals devices for better sleeping.

Product List Price
Stop Snoring Chin Straps $69.99
Stop Snoring Tongue Retainer $99.99
Anti Snoring Nose Vents $49.99
Soft Foam Earplug $39.99
100% Natural Silk Sleep Mask $69.99
Total $329.95





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